About Us

Who We Are

Blugge is a Brooklyn based design studio. Our creative philosophy is based on simplicity with an emphasis on personality and substance. Blugge is Ayinde Frederick, Cy Nakpodia, and Idongesit Edo.

Why We Are Special

We are small and agile creative team who help our clients have a better presence through well-crafted visual communications. We are energized by conversations of self-sufficiency, beauty, food, music, style, fun and design. We are strong in typography, illustration, brand identity, editorial, composition and conceptualization. We approach design as a strategy for transforming behaviors of individuals in desirable and sustainable ways. We have a simple process; it starts with an intellectual and creative dialogue. The end result is always on point.

Why Choose Us. Choose us because we believe

  • White space is your friend
  • A mean Printer is the bomb
  • We are one with graphic design tools
  • There is such a thing as a good client or bad client
  • Living and learning are life's best teachers
  • In creating ideas that are within the budget
  • In using design solutions to save the day
  • Appearance is important
  • In growing and growth
  • In good opinionated friends who keep it real
  • In shape, spacing, and rhythm
  • A tight typography game is essential
  • Smart is sexy